Rooftop Bars in Maseru

What's new in MASERU

Maseru’s Nightlife: Dive into Maseru’s nightlife scene at bars like The Office Pub and Grill, offering local and international drinks, and live music. 

Craft Beer Bars: Try craft beers from Lesotho and beyond at craft beer bars like Tap & Cork. They often feature rotating taps with unique brews.

Sorghum Beer: Experience traditional Basotho culture by tasting sorghum beer, a local staple with a unique flavor.

Lesotho Wine Tasting: Visit wineries in Lesotho to sample regional wines and learn about the country’s growing wine culture.

Maseru Food Festival: Don’t miss the annual Maseru Food Festival, featuring a wide array of dishes from local and international cuisines.

Beer and Wine Festivals: Join beer and wine festivals to explore new flavors and celebrate Lesotho’s emerging beverage scene.

Rooftop Parties and Events

Themed Evenings: Many rooftop bars host themed nights and parties; check their event calendar for unique experiences.

Private Gatherings: Some rooftops offer private event spaces, making them ideal for celebrations or corporate gatherings.

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